Port of Shahidrajaee(BandarAbass)

     Location   (Map)

Distance of Shahid Rajaee Port to Tehran is 1501 Km, 30 Km to the province Capital and 40 Km to the nearest airport. The connection of this port to Tehran and other parts of the country is possible via roads and railways.

Shahid Rajaee Port connects to more than 80 ports worldwide and the highest rate of cargo transit through the country and towards the Central Asia passes through this port.


Record of KMS in Shahid Rajaee Port (Bandar Abbas) :

KMS initiated his job in B.Abbas in field of storage of general cargoes, containers, Grains and refer containers.

In 2009, construction of logistics terminal for storage and stacking full and transit container completed by Kaveh company in capacity of 350,000 TEU, in an area of 23,000 Hectares and investment more than I.R.Rials 585 Billion.



Import Container Terminal & CFS :

KMS is the first private sector company which in year 2000 used its equipments such as Rich Stackers and Top Lifts together with its professional staff to provide the operations of Full Container Terminal such as carrying the container from the vessels, loading and discharge services, vessel clearance, strip etc that as a successful experience in this terminal is going to be implemented in other ports as well.


Washing and repair containers Terminal :

One of the other projects belong to KMS in B.Abbas is a terminal special for issuance of IICL certificate- for Washing and repair containers- in an area of 8.5 Hectares and investment of I.R.Rials 150 Billion.This project was turned over to Kaveh company as BOT basis for period of 30 years.


     CIS Container Terminal :

The greatest investment in history of company after Islamic Revolution was establishing a container terminal with capacity of 200,000 TEU full containers in supportive land of Shahid Rajaee port called D3 by capital fund of USD$ 50M.

Now, another 11 hectares yard called D4 added for logistic operation. The strategic situation of these yards in port made investment so profitable. They are located in north of Basins No. 1&2 of Shahid Rajaee port in an area of 24 Hectares.


Kaveh Container Terminal System (KCTS) :

The system advantages include:

·         On-line access of liners and owners of cargoes to the latest status of their cargo and information.

·         Make management report via web.

·         Electronic payment.

·         Mechanized controlling of operation in a container terminal .


     Mega strategic Crane :

KMS managed to be the highest bidder in PMO`s action for using 140 ton and 550 mobile cranes in Hormozgan province. These cranes belong to division C and they are part of heavy and strategic equipment port. In this respect, a contract has been signed with PMO Hormozgan province branch according to which KMS is authorized to use cranes for 5 years after obtaining them.


Other projects in B.Abbas:

-          Logistics terminal

-          Import containers terminal

-          Export and transit containers terminal


Investment of kaveh company in equipments :

Total investment in division of port equipment and machineries: I.R.Rials 1,089,020,000,000

 Address of Kaveh Co. In shahid Rajaee Port (Bandar Abbas)

Transit ware house No.22, Shahid Rajaee port complex

Tel: +98-761-5561587

Fax: +98-761-5559008

Equipments Of Shahid Rajaee Port

 No Equipment Name Quantity
1 RTG 8
2 Straddle Carrier 19
3  Hydraulic Crane - Liebher 1
4 Mobile Horbor Crane 6
5 Crane A300 1
6 Reach stacker 3
7 Lift truck 15
8 Tag Master 67
9 Top Lift 1
10 Side Lift 1
11 Truck - Benz Actr 2
12 Trailer 52
13 Electric Cars 12
Total 188

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